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Walton Washing Machine Automatic Front Load WWM-AFE80H

Walton Washing Machine Automatic Front Load WWM-AFE80H
Brand: Walton
Category: Washing Machine
Model: WWM-AFT80W
Price: BDT 46,550.00 $


- Wash (kg): 8.0
- Volume (Liter): 57
- Maximum Temperature (C): 95
- Maximum Speed (RPM): 1400
- Rated Frequency (Hz): 50-
- Rated Current (A): 16-
- Rated Heating Input Power (W): 1900
- Max Input Power (W): 2200
- Annual Energy Consumption (kWh) 190 (only Wash)
- Energy Consumption (kWh/Cycle): 0.863 (only Wash)
- Annual Water Consumption (L): 9009
- Water Consumption (L/Cycle) 63 (only Wash)
- Energy Efficiency Class A+++: (for Cotton 60C)
- Spin Performance: B
- Washing Efficiency Index: 1.031
- - Motor Type: Universal Motor
- Waterproof Class: IPX4
- Noise Level, Wash (dB): ?58
- Noise Level, Spin (dB): ?77
- Net Weight (kg): 64
- Gross Weight (kg): 68
Dimension of
- Net Dimension (mm): 595*595*850
- Gross Dimension (mm): 660*655*895
Price: 46,550.00 BDT
   Price updated on 2022-11-15

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Walton Washing Machine Price In Bangladesh 2023. Walton Washing Machine Automatic Front Load WWM-AFE80H Price In Bangladesh 2023. Walton Washing Machine Automatic Front Load WWM-AFE80H Washing Machine Price In Bangladesh 2023 .

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